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About us - Bijis Internet Private Limited

BIJIS INTERNET PRIVATE LIMITED is Delhi based company that provide different type of services in Telecom Sector. Bijis Internet is an innovative and disruptive technology concept of connectivity in India. A brand gaming popularity due to its reliable & high speed internet service in Bihar & Jharkhand dedicatedly working to deliver joy advantage success for people through by continuous pursuit of excellence in internet services. Bijis Internet has a core “Professional Services Group” to provide system integration, network support, security, application management and facility management services to Enterprise Customers. Our services ensure that our customers shall only “Pay for what they use”. Vision To revolutionize broadband services in India by providing simple-to-understand yet state-of-the-art services that will enable people of our country to do so much more in their daily lives, thereby bringing them unprecedented advantage and joy, ultimately resulting in their success. To empower the rural community and to bring about social change through modern technologies. Mission To provide up to 1Gbps of Broadband connectivity up to every user. To provide B2B services in a non-discriminatory manner. To be a catalyst for increasing Broadband penetration in rural areas so as to faster socio-economic development. To connect village households to the internet. Corporate Governance We believe that Corporate Governance is the commitment to compliance with all Laws, Rules and Regulations that apply to it with the spirit and intent of high business ethics, honesty and integrity resulting in the effective control and management system in the organisation. We always look forward to improve on these aspects on an ongoing basis.

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